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Aliantis, Chartered Accountancy Firm

Our firm is composed of independent chartered accountants and statutory auditors united around common values and boasting complementary expertise in a variety of areas.

We are a relatively small firm covering the Rhône, Loire and Isère regions through 6 offices: 2 in Saint-Etienne and one each in Lyon, Givors, Mornant and Chasse-sur-Rhône.

You could be starting a new business, the CEO of a major SME, working in a liberal profession, in charge of an association, or running a shop... whatever your profession or status, you need a chartered accountant who will listen, be available and open, on top of providing expertise. This is more than one expert alone can bring you and much more than an employee in a big organisation is capable of delivering. Aliantis is an ideal alternative. We have all the skills and tools of a nationwide group, but we also offer the availability and, above all, the proximity of a local firm.

We are organised to assist company directors throughout the life of their company, whatever their needs in terms of accounting (accounting records, bookkeeping, company accounts audits, preparation of budget forecasts, etc.); taxation (annual tax returns, French regional economic contribution tax (CET), VAT returns, etc.); payroll and HR (establishment of payroll and declarations, as well HR-related advice and assistance); legal affairs (assistance with choosing the legal status of the company, company secretarial services, company formation, etc.); management consulting (business plan, performance dashboard, budget monitoring, financial analysis, cost price analysis, etc.); and asset management (company owner remuneration, wealth tax, personal income tax, asset and estate inventory, etc.).

You want to be treated as a client and partner, not as a set of accounts and figures... That is why we exist.

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