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Thierry Chapon

Hats off to the artist!

This 52-year old chartered accountant hails from Saint Chamond, a town shaped by Antoine Pinay, a mayor and industrialist whose wisdom and political longevity have become as legendary as his hat.

So what does Thierry Chapon have in common with this minister of the French Fifth Republic?
Listening skills and an ability to empathise, which are essential for helping his entrepreneurial clients to successfully grow their business.

Specialising in micro-businesses and SMEs, he began his career in St Etienne where he obtained his chartered accountancy qualifications with flying colours, then went on to work in reputable firms in the Loire region.
Within Aliantis, he specialises in consolidation.
As the life of SMEs sometimes hangs by a thread, Thierry Chapon loves to be by his clients’ side during each phase of their adventure, even when times are tough. Ask him about his best professional achievement and he’ll tell you the story of how he successfully saved a company on the brink of filing for bankruptcy.

After a hard day’s work, he loves nothing more than to relax while observing the dancing colours in his vast aquarium or sketching the outlines of a future watercolour.

An aquarist, painter and art lover, this chartered account has a surprise or two up his sleeve.


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