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Pierre Philippe Debard

This friendly forty-something trained for his profession in Lyon.
After completing his A-levels at Parc Chabrières in Oullins, he earned his chartered accountancy qualification at CRESPA PITIOT in Lyon. Throughout his studies, this maths expert and musician has hit all the right notes: Pierre-Philippe Debard also graduated from the Lyon National Conservatoire with a qualification to teach music theory.

So it is hardly surprising that Pierre-Philippe Debard seeks harmony in all things. His passion: the interpersonal relationships that form automatically in his consulting work.
“I don’t want to be sitting across from my clients. I want to be at their side to help them anticipate and prepare their businesses for various changes, whether these relate to laws, finance, taxes, human resources or some other area. I also like to guide them in thinking about their assets and protecting themselves and their family.”

His fondest memory so far in his career is actually the story of a client who was able to sell his business 15 years after being on the verge of filing for bankruptcy.
This client’s testimonial is worth more than any diploma:
“I never could have grown and improved my business to that extent without his advice and the rapport that existed between us even in the most difficult times.”

Although Pierre-Philippe Debard is a chartered accountant who doesn’t specialise in any one field, he admits to having a slight preference for a range of sectors including real estate, public works, industry, transport, and import-export.

A statutory auditor and expert in business ownership transfers, this chartered accountant may not be conducting your orchestra, but he'll know how to interpret the most difficult partitions and set the tempo.

So listen closely!


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