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Geneviève Doucey

Born and raised in Lyon, Geneviève Doucey wears her 50 years proudly and her academic achievements are rich and varied: after a 2-year undergraduate diploma in Applied Maths and Social Science, she earned her chartered accountancy qualification in her native Lyon, the city that was once the capital of Gaul.

Anyone who thinks that accounting is a boring subject should meet Geneviève Doucey. She has a knack for bringing good humour to her work, and her drive and spirit are very much appreciated in these gloomy times.

Geneviève Doucey is direct, fast, efficient, and gets straight to the point. What she loves in her profession is the contact with people from different walks of life. This chartered accountant specialises particularly in the self-employed sector, including the liberal professions and the building trade. When she walks into a hairdressing salon, chances are she isn’t just going in for a haircut; she is also going in to untangle her client’s accounts.

Her motto: “There is no real joy in rest, in leisure, unless joyful work precedes it” – André Gide.
Though Geneviève Doucey may enjoy reading the “Fruits of the Earth”, she also likes to savour them. After all, what could be more refreshing and fruity than a chilled glass of rosé after a well spent day.

This young fifty-something enjoys life and is also very sporty. She skies and plays card games such as poker in the winter, and in the summer she rides her mountain bike or swims in her pool or at L’Île-Rousse with her daughters. Her totem animal is the fish.
So if you feel like you’re drowning in your accounts, we can only recommend that you contact her!  


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