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Gilles Granjon

Gilles Granjon

Patrice Ville hails from Saint Etienne and is proud of it - even when their well-known football team is not performing so well. Patrice is an experienced professional who completed all of his university studies in Saint Etienne.
How did he become one of the specialist advisors for bakeries in France?
No doubt by taking an interest in this fascinating yet time-consuming profession, where the importance of timing leaves little room for improvisation.
And what Patrice Ville loves is precisely this ability to contribute technical knowledge and experience to help clients who need him to adapt both his schedule and his approach.
But it is important not to confuse speed and haste, or bustle and reactivity.
Things have to be done in order. It is this reassuring level-headedness that makes clients warm to Patrice Ville on both a professional and a personal level.

“I experienced some health issues and it’s during that time that my clients taught me the meaning of the words solidarity and regard,” Patrice Ville confesses.
Life is not a long quiet river and Patrice Ville is well-placed to help businesses with ownership transfers or to give precious tax advice.

With experience, he learned how to manage his time in order to indulge in passions far removed from the world of accounting, including mountain biking, history and impressionist painting.
So if he happens to mention Monet to you one weekend, don't assume he's referring to pounds and pennies! 


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