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Mickaël Marion

From the region of his birth, Mickaël has retained an appreciation for work well done and a persistence that is reminiscent of the proud windswept chestnut trees of Ardèche.

Now 43 years old, this chartered accountant did not waste any time, starting with a couple of 2-year accounting and finance qualifications from schools in Valence, followed by a certificate of competence in management, then chartered accountancy and statutory auditing qualifications from Lyon. After swiftly completing his studies, he joined the Aliantis group and not by mere chance.
Mickaël Marion immediately identified with the values of the firm: mutual respect, service-mindedness, a commitment to quality, effectiveness, but also a friendly atmosphere. “The firm is relatively small, but big enough to be able to offer its clients a full range of services.”

Besides numbers and figures, his true passion is entrepreneurship and anyone crazy enough to dive headfirst into a new business venture, which represents an exhilarating challenge these days.

In his own words, Mickaël describes himself as a “facilitator of the entrepreneurial spirit, since we must help entrepreneurs to overcome administrative and financial hurdles” - all that red tape which is “sadly very French”.

To him, his role as a chartered accountant is akin to that of a crew member working alongside the captain to set the course and stay on it, even in turbulent times.

His favourite work-related story defines him better than any CV could.
It is the story of an entrepreneur with experience in the restaurant industry, but with little knowledge of how to negotiate with a bank.
Together they targeted a first bank and established the projected earnings for the new business. When that bank refused, they targeted a second one, then a third. It was only at the fourth, after a number of adjustments, that they achieved their goal. Since then, everything has been going great!
Gourmets are flocking to the new restaurant and the banker is very pleased with his decision!
“By time and toil we sever what strength and rage could never.” (Jean de La Fontaine)


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