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Marie Protano

Born in Givors in South Lyon, Marie Protano had to go all the way to Lyon, the ancient capital of the Gauls, to pursue a full course of studies starting with her A-levels, followed by a 2-year diploma in accounting and finance and then earning the qualifications necessary to become a chartered accountant in France.

She chose Aliantis for the values she can fully identify with: mutual respect, personal development and responsiveness among others.
What she loves about her job: working as a team with her clients and being able to make suggestions like a true partner.
Marie Protano works especially with subsidiaries of French and foreign companies and they appreciate her skills and the precision and thoroughness of her work.
Her vast experience has not dampened her enthusiasm for this role, which she still fulfils with passion.
“Seeing the clients I work with succeed is hugely rewarding for me,” she says.
However, she doesn’t lose sight of the fact that chartered accountancy is, above all, a profession where precision is the cornerstone of success.
Marie Protano would never be found guilty of procrastination, which she abhors. Don’t count on her to put off until tomorrow what can be done today.
So when the weekend arrives, it is with a clear conscience that she indulges in her favourite passions: her family and gardening... until such time as she can dive into the translucent waters of the Seychelles, which would actually be the ideal place to “procrastinate”!  


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