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Christine Tournier-Conjard

Christine Tournier-Conjard was born and raised in Lyon, a tranquil place full of positive energy.
This “local” earned an exemplary education without leaving her native city: first she obtained an advanced vocational training certificate, then a diploma in accountancy, and finally she completed an advanced diploma at night school.
“If you want something, you have to work for it!”
If hard work is one of her core values, another is loyalty. Loyalty to people and to her commitments.
Her clients particularly appreciate her ability to become absorbed in a case and not re-surface until everything has been meticulously checked.
This very feminine quality works wonders in predominantly masculine industries such as the building and metallurgical sectors.
Christine Tournier-Conjard is very involved in the day-to-day running of the businesses she advises. She contributes to their growth, but is also there to help them manage any issues that arise.

When she isn’t working, this young fifty-something is also the mother of two boys on the verge of entering the workforce.
She gets refreshment from her family, but also by taking long walks in nature, with a particular fondness for the landscapes in the Savoie region.

Her motto: “Happiness is doing what you love for a living.” Christine Tournier-Conjard, then, is a happy woman.


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