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The charter

We aim to be much more to you than chartered accountants

Beyond the usual speeches and vague general promises, we are clearly and firmly committed to:

Responsiveness and availability

If you get in touch with us for a question or opinion, we will get back to you by email or telephone within 24 hours.


We take every precaution to limit the risks of reassessments and adjustments by the tax department or URSSAF. However if the quality of our work or advice was to blame, regardless of whether the situation concerned tax- or judicial-related matters (the industrial tribunal, for example), we will contribute to repairing this wrongdoing.

Quality and skills

Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees you quality services as well as rigorous and controlled internal work standards. Teams specialising in employment law and human resources guarantee you precise and reliable advice regarding personnel management.


Our own staff personally take care of all our clients' needs: at Aliantis, we do not operate outside of the Rhône-Alpes region. Our teams are located in Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Chasse-sur-Rhône and Givors, right where you need us!

Sample what sets us apart: our talent in consulting!

To give you a chance to discover Aliantis and form your own opinion of our services, we offer you two free hours of consultation with one of our chartered accountants. You may use these two hours at your leisure, according to your needs and questions.
If you decide to place your trust in us by becoming a client, we will offer you:
1. either your start-up forecasts if you are starting a new business
2. or, for your first 6 months as a client of Aliantis, our “Quarterly performance review” service where each month you will receive a snapshot of your turnover and gross margin.


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