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Tax services

Tax efficiency and planning

Whom for? For anyone subject to tax declarations and formalities
Industrialists, shopkeepers, artisans, freelancers and self-employed professionals, farmers, heads of non-profit organisations, private individuals, or heads of local authorities

Tax declarations:

  • periodic and annual VAT returns
  • CET declarations (French regional economic contribution tax)
  • annual tax returns
  • other tax declarations specifically relating to businesses
  • issuing of tax certificates to benefit from the abatement granted to members of an accredited body

Tax advice:

Identification of the best solutions as part of our recurring accounting and administrative assignments.

  • Optimisation of the tax situation in terms of income, asset management, financial investments... selection of the main options
  • Monitoring of the company’s day-to-day taxation issues according to its legal structure
  • Identification and preparation of tax exemption applications
  • Identification and proposal of solutions regarding inheritance, asset transfers or transfers of business ownership
  • Studies and assessments in the event of disposals, buyouts, company mergers, or property transfers between companies
  • etc. 

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