Much more than chartered accountants

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An introduction

Much more than chartered accountants

First and foremost, we are independent chartered accountants united around common values and sharing a wealth of complementary expertise. As independent accountants in a partnership, we can be frank, direct and accountable with one another.

As a relatively small firm, commitment and close working relationships are important to us. This is your guarantee that the same person will work with you throughout the life of your business.
Whether you are setting up or growing your business, facing temporary difficulties, needing help with day-to-day management or a transfer of ownership through sale or inheritance, your accountant will be by your side.

Geographical proximity: we have 7 offices in the Rhône-Alpes region, to be right where you are growing your business.

You prefer experts who walk their talk to someone who doesn’t follow through
We would like to be the partner you turn to for help in managing your accounts and finances, but also in a number of other areas requiring highly diversified skills, such as: organisation, assessment, tax efficiency, optimisation of employee-related matters, and strategic analysis.

It is our priority to be a committed partner capable of exploring and understanding your business, identifying your needs and anticipating them. These elements are essential if we are to assist and advise you.
We have the necessary material and human resources in place to bring you a comprehensive view of your business, and the wide range of expert knowledge and skills necessary to help you with your day-to-day challenges.
To achieve our objectives, our experts are fully committed to upholding Independence, Professional Secrecy and Competence as the foundation for any work we undertake. 


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