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Thierry Chapon

Hats off to the artist! This 52-year old chartered accountant hails from Saint Chamond, a town shaped by Antoine Pinay, a mayor and industrialist whose wisdom and political longevity have become as legendary as his hat. So what does Thierry Chapon have in common with this minister of the French Fifth Republic? Listening skills and an ability to empathise, which are essential for helping his entrepreneurial clients to successfully...

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Pierre Philippe Debard

This friendly forty-something trained for his profession in Lyon. After completing his A-levels at Parc Chabrières in Oullins, he earned his chartered accountancy qualification at CRESPA PITIOT in Lyon. Throughout his studies, this maths expert and musician has hit all the right notes: Pierre-Philippe Debard also graduated from the Lyon National Conservatoire with a qualification to teach music theory. So it is hardly surprising...

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Geneviève Doucey

Born and raised in Lyon, Geneviève Doucey wears her 50 years proudly and her academic achievements are rich and varied: after a 2-year undergraduate diploma in Applied Maths and Social Science, she earned her chartered accountancy qualification in her native Lyon, the city that was once the capital of Gaul. Anyone who thinks that accounting is a boring subject should meet Geneviève Doucey. She has a knack for bringing...

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Olivier Gaudin

Though he is not quite forty yet, Olivier Gaudin is already very experienced. He wears a big smile and is always on form. Born in Saint Foy les Lyon, Olivier grew up in the "Monts du Lyonnais" region (Thurins) among the fruit trees. That healthy environment is perhaps the source of his contagious optimism. Olivier Gaudin completed all of his studies in Lyon, where he still lives. After his A-levels, he went on to obtain...

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Gilles Granjon

Patrice Ville hails from Saint Etienne and is proud of it - even when their well-known football team is not performing so well. Patrice is an experienced professional who completed all of his university studies in Saint Etienne. How did he become one of the specialist advisors for bakeries in France? No doubt by taking an interest in this fascinating yet time-consuming profession, where the importance of timing leaves little room for...

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Grégory Jarrige

Too often, we tend to imagine chartered accountants as grey and ageless pen-pushers with weary eyes behind large glasses. Grégory Jarrige is the total opposite of this. Young, slender and athletic, Grégory was born in Sainte Foy, in the hills above Lyon. For his higher education, he attended universities between the Saône and Rhône rivers. He obtained a Master’s degree in accounting and finance from the...

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Mickaël Marion

From the region of his birth, Mickaël has retained an appreciation for work well done and a persistence that is reminiscent of the proud windswept chestnut trees of Ardèche. Now 43 years old, this chartered accountant did not waste any time, starting with a couple of 2-year accounting and finance qualifications from schools in Valence, followed by a certificate of competence in management, then chartered accountancy and...

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Isabelle Pisaneschi

Could Annick de Vaujany’s sunny disposition and generous spirit be the influence of Morocco, her country of birth? What she loves most in her work is discovering new industries and following a business adventure wherever it may lead. Above all, she loves the human aspect – the relationships built on mutual trust and the empathy that contributes to building a lasting relationship day by day. Annick likes to tell the story of...

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Marie Protano

Born in Givors in South Lyon, Marie Protano had to go all the way to Lyon, the ancient capital of the Gauls, to pursue a full course of studies starting with her A-levels, followed by a 2-year diploma in accounting and finance and then earning the qualifications necessary to become a chartered accountant in France. She chose Aliantis for the values she can fully identify with: mutual respect, personal development and responsiveness...

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Christine Tournier-Conjard

Christine Tournier-Conjard was born and raised in Lyon, a tranquil place full of positive energy. This “local” earned an exemplary education without leaving her native city: first she obtained an advanced vocational training certificate, then a diploma in accountancy, and finally she completed an advanced diploma at night school. “If you want something, you have to work for it!” If hard work is one of her...

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