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Grégory Jarrige

Too often, we tend to imagine chartered accountants as grey and ageless pen-pushers with weary eyes behind large glasses. Grégory Jarrige is the total opposite of this.
Young, slender and athletic, Grégory was born in Sainte Foy, in the hills above Lyon.
For his higher education, he attended universities between the Saône and Rhône rivers. He obtained a Master’s degree in accounting and finance from the Lyon 3 school of business, followed by a Master’s degree in business law and a diploma in accountancy, before finally earning his chartered accountancy qualification.
This young 42-year old expert is not only knowledgeable; he is also highly skilled at coaching.
An athlete at heart, he is fond of challenges. What he loves most about his work is using is strong interpersonal skills to support his clients, but also working side by side with business owners.
Because you can only give good advice on a subject if you know it well, Gregory is very fond of learning about businesses, their history and their environment.
Though he is an expert in many areas, he likes to distance himself somewhat from things to gain a bird’s-eye view, like those large birds he wishes he could imitate to fly over to Reunion Island, his favourite spot.
He loves the beauty of the landscapes there and the underwater treasures.
But to him, Reunion Island is also that green island which plays host each year to the legendary Diagonale des Fous race that is more than 150 km long with a total ascent of 9,000 metres.
Does he attend as a spectator or take part in the race? We don’t know, but all you need to do is hit a few balls with him on a tennis court or follow him off-piste to realise that his expertise isn’t limited to accounting. 


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