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Isabelle Pisaneschi

Isabelle Pisaneschi

Could Annick de Vaujany’s sunny disposition and generous spirit be the influence of Morocco, her country of birth?
What she loves most in her work is discovering new industries and following a business adventure wherever it may lead.
Above all, she loves the human aspect – the relationships built on mutual trust and the empathy that contributes to building a lasting relationship day by day.
Annick likes to tell the story of clients of hers – a couple that witnessed the beginning of her career 37 years ago.

“They gave me support as I attended night school while working a full-time job. They were always there for me, in the good times and the bad. She was proud to say that I was working towards a chartered accountancy qualification.
He, on the other hand, would tell me the latest “jokes”. He left us in 1996 and to this day I can still hear his laughter when I visit their company premises.”
Unrelenting, Annick de Vaujany became a chartered accountant by successively earning an advanced vocational training certificate, then a diploma in accountancy and other advanced diplomas through night school. It’s with this great capacity for hard work and her strong sense of integrity that she now serves her clients, recruited more specifically in the field of medicine.

Although she is attentive to her clients’ every need, Annick is also devoted to her family and in particular her grand-children who, along with cats, are her greatest passion.

After all, it’s a short leap from felinity to femininity.


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